Hello all. I'm trying to stand up osquery on-prem....
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Hello all. I'm trying to stand up osquery on-prem. How many servers would I need for about 30,000 endpoints? I understand that I can use Scale Sets in Azure but am trying to set up a test environment with a budget of $0. Any advice would be appreciated.
how many servers would depend on the size / configuration of the servers also will heavily depend on check-in intervals, number of queries, how you log data, if you are going to try to do ad-hoc querying
pretty hard to answer that question since your environment will be unique
for perspective, I have similar number of hosts, but split across multiple fleet deployments. (AWS) each of the deployments will have 3-20 c5.2xlarge instances + db.m5.4xlarge DB majority of the time they'll be scaled to like 3 instances, but I've definitely run scenarios during load testing that's pushed it to 20 instances
and I've found ad-hoc queries to generally be extremely problematic, to the point it doesn't really matter how much I've scaled the DB, and I've disabled them.
(we use http://github.com/kolide/fleet to manage) see #kolide
Thanks for your insite. Appreciate it.