<@UM3C7JNPJ> a relevant answer I gave some hour ag...
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@bachng a relevant answer I gave some hour ago ^^^
thanks @Stefano Bonicatti ^^ I followed
instructions to build
but I couldnt find any
in build folder. I think someone else having the same issue. Do you know the reason?
Can you try, from a clean build folder, to run the CMake configure part and post the logs here?
ok I'm running
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-- osquery version: 4.1.2-54-g6935e914                                                                                  -- Build type:                                                                                                          -- Shared libraries: OFF                                                                                                -- Importing: facebook/markupsafe                                                                                       -- Importing: facebook/jinja2                                                                                           -- Importing: source/boost                                                                                              -- Importing: source/icu                                                                                                -- Importing: source/bzip2                                                                                              -- Importing: source/gflags                                                                                             -- Importing: source/glog                                                                                               -- Importing: source/googletest                                                                                         -- Importing: facebook/libarchive                                                                                       -- Importing: facebook/linenoise-ng                                                                                     -- Importing: source/rapidjson                                                                                          -- Importing: source/rocksdb                                                                                            -- Importing: source/sqlite                                                                                             -- Disabling the SQLite R*Tree module                                                                                   -- Disabling the SQLite FTS extensions                                                                                  -- Importing: source/thrift                                                                                             -- Importing: source/zlib                                                                                               -- Importing: source/zstd                                                                                               -- Importing formula: formula/openssl                                                                                   --   Version: 1.0.2t                                                                                                    --   Revision: 1                                                                                                        --   Dependencies: thirdparty_zlib                                                                                      -- Importing: source/aws-sdk-cpp                                                                                        -- ================================                                                                                     -- Trail of Bits osquery extensions                                                                                     -- Version: 1.2                                                                                                         -- ================================                                                                                     Importing libraries from 'E:/osquery/external/extension_tob/libraries/'                                                 Importing extensions from 'E:/osquery/external/extension_tob'                                                           -- ================================                                                                                     -- cppcheck: Enabled with C:/Program Files/Cppcheck/cppcheck.exe                                                        -- Found WIX toolset at: C:/Program Files (x86)/WiX Toolset v3.11                                                       -- Configuring done                                                                                                     -- Generating done                                                                                                      -- Build files have been written to: E:/osquery/build
Hum that's strange
wait, is that the full log?
Also maybe lets move this to #extensions
i just cleaned build folder and running again. send u soon. ok!