# general
https://github.com/kolide/fleet/blob/master/docs/infrastructure/adding-hosts-to-fleet.md#kolide-osquery-launcher Here it's mentioned that you can grab the precompiled binaries and it looks like they are no longer included in the releases? Looks like it stopped after 0.10.3, is this intentional?
We generally try to keep kolide questions over on #kolide. These days launcher is distributed via GitHub's releases page.
My apologies, I thought I was in #kolide when I posted this. I understand you're using the GitHub releases page but my question is, on that page, any version after 0.10.3 no longer includes a file with the pre-built agents. Only the
Source Code (zip) and Source Code (tar.gz)
folders. So I'm trying to figure out if I have to build the packages myself or am I just not looking at the right place? Trying to automate a deployment of Fleet + Launcher with Ansible so I'm just trying to figure out where all the pieces are and how to glue them together.
or after looking again this morning, I see that some releases include the prebuilt packages. Just not all of them.
It's a manual upload. And, now that you say it, I think I forgot to upload the last release.
I don't always upload for release that are mostly packaging changes.
I don't think the URL is official supported, and it might change, but launcher has an update system. You can dig a url out of the code. (It should be on dl.kolide.co/)
But I'll try to get the last release uploaded. Thank for pointing it out
No problem! Just wanted to verify I wasn't crazy before I started banging out some Ansible to automate the build process 😄
I’ve uploaded https://github.com/kolide/launcher/releases/tag/v0.11.6 Thanks for the poke on it