do you have experience of running osquery on enter...
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do you have experience of running osquery on enterprise without a fleet manager? using only chef/puppet/jamf? how do you manage the packs/fim/conf? how do you stream the query results in the logs pipeline?
yes, use chef to manage your config+packs. Then for ingesting logs, how do you do this today? If you have an existing pipeline try to fit osquery into it. The default behavior is to write logs to a file, do you have something that similarly collects logs? If you search/google osquery+$yourexistingtools you might find guides
at moment I am using a fleet manager and osquery forward the logs via TLS to it and beats from fleet manager to the pipeline.
The problem is that I can't use osquery to pipeline directly, what else can I use?
ah, so you are looking for alternatives?
syslog, splunk, etc?
maybe via osquery kafka, but it seems to be not so stable
my pipeline ingests logs as syslog or kafka
I tried osquery's kafka logger more than one year ago and I had few issues with libkafka, I should try it again
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Hey @vaar, sorry for the late reply here but I wrote a blog post a couple months back on sending osquery logs with Rsyslog. This blog post shows how to setup the Rsyslog client to send Osquery logs and the Rsyslog server. Additionally, I have several other blogs on how to ship osquery logs using Rsyslog to Kafka.
Hope this helps 🙂
yes, I read it. It is nice, but we don't want to run rsyslog on all endpoints too, in particular if they are workstations 😞