I have an issue where parameters in `osquery.conf`...
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I have an issue where parameters in
seems ignored. I'm on Linux and I used the default conf file from
and I just set up the parameter
"disable_tables": "chrome_extensions",
but when I start
the table is still available. Same if I explicitely provide the conf file
osqueryi --config_path=/etc/osquery/osquery.conf
I don't understand what I do wrong
It works only when I used the flag
The table will be visible with
flag, but just not query-able
On querying, you should get an error along the lines of no such table
Is that not the case?
my issue is really "the conf file is ignored" none parameters are taking into account . I have
Error: no such table: chrome_extensions
when I use the flag but not when I use the config file
Ah okay, I am on mobile, so can’t currently look into it. This sounds like a bug, can you open an issue on GitHub mentioning what osquery and Linux version you are running?
yes it sound like a bug. I'm using the lateest version 4.0.2. The bug is also here in Windows OS
ok I'll open an issue (but maybe not today)
Did this get solved as part of the windows quoting stuff in https://osquery.slack.com/archives/C0FHNQ2N6/p1573557161158200
this specific problem (cannot read ...) has been solved yes. But here I report another problem that seems to be a bug in the latest version of osquery. I have the issue on windows too (I'll check later on macos)
On macos, I’m seeing something a bit weird, but with a normal text file this works:
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dover:~ seph$ cat /tmp/c.conf 
{ "options": { "disable_tables": "chrome_extensions" } }
dover:~ seph$  /usr/local/kolide-k2/bin/osqueryd -S --config_path /tmp/c.conf 
Using a virtual database. Need help, type '.help'
osquery> select version from osquery_info;
| version |
| 4.0.2   |
osquery> select * from chrome_extensions;
Error: no such table: chrome_extensions
(It fails if I use process substitution)
So, what is your config file? Can you share a full example?
i send you my config file in mp
fyi we found a bug. When a query is defined in
the config file is ignored
thank you very much 🙂
load ones are supposed to effect at load time, so there may be a specific bug where the load doesn’ty happen, and then the config bails? Not sure