when configuring osquery for kinesis, I am getting...
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when configuring osquery for kinesis, I am getting a
Cannot read TLS server certificate(s): /var/osquery/certs/certs.pem
as well as
Exception making HTTP request to URL (<https://kinesis.us-east-2.amazonaws.com>): certificate verify failed
does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? (A lot of the github posts are not relevant to osquery -> kinesis. I followed the docs while setting up the config)
hello @Dustin M I have the same error messages but with Windows agent and Kolide. Did you find a solution and what is it ? Thank you
My issue was that I brew installed osquery, and the location that it was brew installed was not able to pick up the certs on my pc. I ended up just downloading the package from the website to fix the issue.
oh ok, so this is different to me because i already used the official package. Thank you for the feedback