``` cd osquery-dev mkdir build cd build/ cmake -DO...
# general
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cd osquery-dev
mkdir build
cd build/
cmake -DOSQUERY_BUILD_TESTS=ON -DOSQUERY_TOOLCHAIN_SYSROOT=/usr/local/osquery-toolchain ..
make -j$(nproc)
make test
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when I run make -j$(nproc) my computer does about 97% of this and then shuts down "due to an error" every time
Without the build log it's a bit difficult to know, but what
gives you? how much ram do you have?
Errors while running CTest Makefile129 recipe for target 'test' failed make: * [test] Error 8
Could not find executable /home/JennySpaghetti/osquery/build/plugins/logger/tests/plugins_logger_tests_tlsloggertests-test
ok i got it rolling and its passing everything except test 92
The following tests FAILED: 92 - tests_integration_tables-test (Failed)
92: /home/JennySpaghetti/osquery/tests/integration/tables/deb_packages.cpp47 Failure 92: Expected equality of these values: 92: all_packages.count("linux-firmware") 92: Which is: 0 92: 1u 92: Which is: 1 92: [ FAILED ] DebPackages.test_sanity (16 ms) 92: [----------] 1 test from DebPackages (16 ms total) 92: [----------] 1 test from EtcProtocolsTest 92: [ RUN ] EtcProtocolsTest.test_sanity 92: /home/JennySpaghetti/osquery/tests/integration/tables/helper.cpp160 Failure 92: Value of: validate_value_using_flags(value, flags) 92: Actual: false 92: Expected: true 92: Standard validator of the column "alias" with value "" failed 92: [ FAILED ] EtcProtocolsTest.test_sanity (2 ms) 92: [----------] 1 test from EtcProtocolsTest (2 ms total)
I think that's ok for now. Those integration tests are flaky when run locally.
okay so it should not be an issue?
No, it's the tests not expecting some of the possible values, like https://github.com/osquery/osquery/issues/5805
ah so this is just another open issue
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