I'm trying to troubleshoot where or not osquery is...
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I'm trying to troubleshoot where or not osquery is sending info to a kinesis stream, but there doesn't appear to be anything in
. Running the
command with
doesn't clearly say there is anything wrong, but it seems to chock on loading extensions and creating a socket. Is that expected behavior?
That can be expected if the extensions autoload file doesn't exist and/or the process doesn't have permissions to create the socket.
I would try running your exact same osqueryd command with
added and see what the output looks like.
Consider making
so that you get logging also to the filesystem.
So that means that an extensions file needs to exist somewhere? I don't see a reference inthe docs
It doesn't need to, you'll just get an error about autoloading extensions if it doesn't.
Ok, thank you that answers my question.