Hey everyone, not sure where the problem comes fro...
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Hey everyone, not sure where the problem comes from but I have a few hosts with the Polylogyx ext loaded and using kolide fleet as my manager that crashed in the last few days with these logs coming last from all of them:
Calling configure for logger tls
SSL SHORT_READ_ERROR: http_client closing socket
what crashed? the host or the fleet manager?
For issues with PolyLogyx extension, can you bring it to polylogyx-extension channel?
The process itself crashed
Thing is I'm not sure if it's related to the host, ext or fleet
So I'm trying to understand what the logs mean
@AoS did you find a solution for this problem by any chance? I am noticing the same on my logs.
I think it happened since the server tried to reconnect to the host to many times and just "gave up" Try checking your firewall for drops from and to the server