the `--config_refresh` flag is only for the tls bu...
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flag is only for the tls but not the filesystem plugin?
I remember hearing that filesystem configs can now be refreshed (quite some time ago), but I haven't tried it myself.
I try it with
but useless
if you helps… that’s the note I’ve taken lastly about this flag…. it will be used config-refresh instead of config-tls-refresh. (in cases of succesful connections) config-refresh defines the time period that configs will be catched from the tls server in how many seconds (reasonable value: 60 or 300 (as seconds) for config_refresh) --config_accelerated_refresh=300 If a configuration refresh is used (config_refresh > 0) and the refresh attempt fails, the accelerated refresh will be used. This allows plugins like tls to fetch fresh data after having been offline for a while.