10/05/2018, 11:09 PM
Hey folks, just curious, but has anyone been able to build osquery for AIX? Or do you foresee any challenges with doing so?

Mike Myers

10/10/2018, 12:30 AM
We've done an estimate of what it would take. There are still considerable challenges to overcome. First, the build system will likely need to be revised. Osquery provisions everything (including the compiler) from source using Homebrew (Mac), Linuxbrew (Linux) or Chocolatey (Windows). The build system will need similar changes for AIX. Second, osquery builds as a statically linked library – meaning all dependencies must build on AIX as a static library. AIX is already POSIX-based, but we expect small problems porting some libraries. Finally, the POSIX-specific tables may need to be altered to support AIX-specific functionality or certain AIX-isms.