<@UA0CRPC0N> As per the document " the associated...
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@Mustafa As per the document " the associated 'dirty' query is blacklisted from running for 24 hours. " How can I reset this for my testing purpose to run that query in next session?
hmm. i wonder if using --disable_watchdog=true a solution for this or i don’t know what the answer is
You can set
"blacklist": false
in the query object in your pack.
E.G. -
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"windows_programs": {
      "query": "SELECT name, version, language, install_source, publisher, identifying_number, install_date FROM programs;",
      "interval": 14400,
      "removed": false,
      "blacklist": false,
      "description": "Get all the installed programs on the target machine.",
      "platform": "windows"
yes "blacklist": false attribute seems to be working
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is there a place where all of these key value explained? or in other word what is the whole list of these key value matching?