Hi everyone ! I’m currently trying to use the even...
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Hi everyone ! I’m currently trying to use the events tables, running osqueryd in the background, and querying periodically the tables with osqueryi --database_path, but I get
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Failed to upgrade database
Has anyone tried this before ? I’ve seen this issue on github https://github.com/facebook/osquery/issues/4615 The script does fix the problem, but the osqueryd service has to be stopped and restarted to migrate and fixe the issue
Having multiple processes operating on the same DB at the same time is not supported. osquery 3.3.0 already includes the migration that script is doing, so you don't need to run it anymore.
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alright ! so moving to 3.3.0 should fix that ?
I wished multiple connections to the RocksDB were supported, to have a reversed chain of command between the central server and the hosts (querying the systems and getting the data when you want, instead of defining a periodic schedule and getting posts to the server)
Just for posterity, looks like the "Database failed to upgrade" message is showing up whenever mutliple processes are attempting to connect to a DB that osqueryd already has open. This isn't a huge deal, as @fmanco mentioned this isn't supported behavior, however we should likely alter the user experience here so it's not confusing as to why it's failing
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Yeah we should definitely handle that.