Question: I have a group of Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.4 ...
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Question: I have a group of Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS user space with 4.17.7 kernel) servers that have suddenly started running rather slowly. At the same time, one server in the group remains as fast as ever. I am trying to figure out what has led to this mysterious slowdown, and after messing around with top, htop, and various point Linux tools, I decided to switch to osquery to see if I can diagnose the issue. If anyone has some ideas on how to explore this issue with osquery, I'd appreciate it.
I gotta be honest here - using Datadog to diagnose perf problems is generally quite a bit easier. Definitely not saying it can’t be done with osquery, but if its just a handful of servers, it is probably easier to quickly enroll them in a datadog trial account
Does Datadog work for on-prem physical servers, or only virtual ones in public cloud?