<@UADSPRGKV> I see. Thanks. If the output is very...
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@Vibhor I see. Thanks. If the output is very specific to my own system, should I write a logger-plugin? Does it require to add it to the source code and compile?
If you want to add bash command output, I can only think of using logger-plugin. About compiling the logger-plugin, the answer is yes. However, if you let me know what kind of information you want to add and in which logs (status logs/result logs), then I can try to find solution
So currently I’m running query select
logs, which is basically to monitor FIM. There is a customized script which produces a very useful indicator, and I’m wondering if the output can be appended to each FIM event log line.
I’m using rpm to make deployment. If it requires to compile the source code, it means I may need to change the deployment process to build from source.