Mike Myers

08/26/2021, 5:24 PM
Hello everyone! 5.0 release: someone can tag the 5.0 pre-release now. All changes are merged into osquery/osquery that should be there for 5.0 to be tagged. • Separately: someone needs to approve/merge the osquery-codesign PR that adds the bare codesigned osqueryd executable to the distribution • We have a documentation PR from Sharvil, we'll merge that for 5.0.1 • Then we update the changelog and we're done? Wait for bug reports and proceed towards release if there are none?


08/26/2021, 6:21 PM
Sharvil’s PR is listed as a draft
I think… I’ll cut a 5.0.0 now, I won’t worry about getting the changelog in. And I’m going to assume we’ll have a 5.0.1 sometime soon
windows builds are slooooow