The codesign pipeline is kinda dicy for sha releas...
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The codesign pipeline is kinda dicy for sha releases. How do folks feel about tagging a 5.0.0.pre1 tag? (Not release)
noticed that with sha too for Linux
I guess we could try with
? Wonder if @theopolis or @thor have any quick ideas regarding the codesign workflow that we just tried
I bailed on testing it. It seems like if we’re going to cut a pre1 we should test that
if someone with those rights can tag that, we'll test
I think we might be at a point where we need a 5.0.0 or a 5.0.pre1 or something like that to test
I’d love thoughts from more people about cutting a pre-release tag. We haven’t done it before, so I’m always wary of unforseen effects.
But it seems like it’s probably the right approach
Note this is not a merge freeze. But instead a tag to facilitate package testing
Worst-case scenario, the codesign workflows will fail, but that's what creating a tag is meant to discover so we can fix it right
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Yeah I'm largely indifferent to pre-release tags. I also don't see much wrong with tagging 5.0.0, then immediately/shortly after cutting a 5.0.1 to fix any outstanding issues with the pipeline
I almost feel like that'll be expected given the magnitude of this release
Yeah I vote the same way, prefer 5.0.0 over a new convention. Then use 5.0.1 or 5.0.2/etc.
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Please remember to use the testing S3 bucket when you are testing that workflow.
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