I got the <https://campfire.so> folks to give osqu...
# core
I got the https://campfire.so folks to give osquery a free plan and will try to use it to improve the Slack onboarding experience.
ty 1
😮 3
Will report with the capabilities once I have a chance to see it, then we can decide if we want to move forward and what should be communicated with it.
I saw it as a user in the https://semgrep.dev slack and it seemed nice.
If anyone wants a preview of the (very basic) flow I've put together, please comment here and I can trigger it for you manually.
Seems fine to try. How do we evaluate if it’s helping? How do you think it would compare to a simple slackbot?
How do we evaluate if it’s helping?
Fewer folks asking questions in #general that might be suited for another channel?
How do you think it would compare to a simple slackbot?
I think it basically is a simple slackbot. I'm not sure if there's something simpler. This feels pretty easy to me since there's no infra to handle.
I meant slack’s bot. They have some basic welcome stuff. This looks it has more of an interview-style dynamic flow, vs a simple better written welcome message
I didn't even check that out -- happy to do so.
I think slack has some trivial welcome message. But if you want to schedule messages over a period of time, or have something interactive, you’d need other tools. I don’t have an opinion about what level of complexity makes sense for here. I support: 1. letting someone else drive. (hi zach!) 2. Trying to build community with the people that find there way in 3. Not feeling beholding to something that we may ultimately have a large bill for.
(3 refers to slack, which is currently paid by facebook)