Creating many SST files was a problem with an earl...
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Creating many SST files was a problem with an earlier version of osquery, are you running a recent version?
we are running 4.6.0
saw that before github issue before but i understood it would not apply to 4.6.0
Are you comfortable sharing your db with me to debug?
i cant share it unfortunately 😞 Is there any steps i could take to debug?
we have seen that at some point we created many powershell_events that were included there (pretty big ones). I have disabled powershell_events now, but would that not cleanup de db?
that table was never queried, tho it was enabled in the flags
That could be it, osquery will store the last 50k by default then start removing batches
older SST files do never get deleted? or should it remove them?
finally, i reproduced the symptoms locally and uploaded a database dump, i have created this:
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