03/04/2021, 4:07 AM
hey gang, I just got a notice that my code signing cert is up for renewal. The impression that I got was that we're still a ways off from being able to have an osquery code signing cert for windows, is this correct? I'm going to go ahead and renew, but wanted to ping the channel to see if there's a chance it's not needed, /cc @seph and @alessandrogario for the windows build pipeline. Lemme know, I'll probably get this done sometime this weekend if it's convenient for me to keep it around.


03/04/2021, 5:28 AM
I haven’t bought one. Sorry 😞
So if it’s easy for you…


03/04/2021, 5:24 PM
Yeah I don't think it'll be an issue
My identity verification has gone through (weird that I had to do that again...) and the spelling of my name should now at least be correct >.> So we're good for another year of windows code signing