having an issue with the latest macOS security upd...
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having an issue with the latest macOS security updates and ATC queries. Used to be able to query the TCC database just fine with 4.6.0; after the Catalina security update this week I'm getting interesting errors.
@Magneto using my local terminal I tried to do
file /Library/Application Support/com.apple.TCC/TCC.db
and got access denied Next, I provided my terminal full disk access and the command completed sucessfully
this is not a file permissions issue. I have verified that I have granted access to the binary, and this isn't the "cannot open DB at path" error in sqlite; this is the "cannot prepare database" error returned once the DB is opened but the sqlite cursor or status returned is invalid. Something about the open mode flags passed to it I think
Verified by copying the tcc database to a location unprotected by TCC/SIP such as
; the issue still persists (and is the same).
(my terminal and osquery both have full disk access)
I’m having this issue also, in a different sqlite file.
Authorizer denied action 19
does anyone know the problem/solution? 🙄