<@UF63BUA3A> sorry that you have to repeat yoursel...
# core
@Stefano Bonicatti sorry that you have to repeat yourself (haha) but is there a reason we cannot build Linux
instead of
in Azure? is it because we do not have enough disk space? do we have any sense if this is fixable? for example if we can save 1G of build artifacts can we enable this mode?
I ask because
would make the release process much easier for us. We could use the artifacts from Azure directly.
Yes it was a problem of space. I did some tests now: a Release build on the CI leaves 12GB of free space, but we have to take into account that there's only ~1GB of ccache cache, which can grow up to 5GB. Beyond that, locally a Release build takes 5.5GB, while a RelWithDebInfo one takes 16GB. So there's a 10.5GB difference, and a 1.5GB allowance... for ccache and other things that might fluctuate, which I don't think it's enough
Sorry, forgot to mention, this is on Linux
The only way I think we can do this is to use an additional job for Linux, where we don't build the tests and we build in RelWithDebInfo mode
we're actively using 6/10 job for a single run
this is awesome!!