10/30/2020, 2:47 PM
Good day all.. Wondering what the status on https://chocolatey.org/packages/osquery/4.5.1 is? Thanks in advance.


10/30/2020, 3:13 PM
The choco repository has recently changed the validation process that happens before a package is accepted and published. This means that osquery 4.5.1 is no longer considered as a valid package and is currently blocked. We have Nick looking into it, and we'll know more about the actual issue once he has some more time to debug itĀ šŸ™‚ In the meantime, we have the packages uploaded on theĀ osquery.ioĀ website if they can be useful!
Ben Montour

Ben Montour

11/02/2020, 2:42 PM
per https://gist.github.com/choco-bot/3c161f91847fda14b5a7c376c8d38bad it looks like it hung on installing some Chocolatey extension for Windows Update, and nothing to do with osquery