We're looking at beginning to deploy osquery on so...
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We're looking at beginning to deploy osquery on some ARM64 hosts. Can anyone share more details on the maturity of ARM64 in the osquery project: • Are unit tests run on ARM64 as part of the osquery package releases? • Is ARM64 feature compatible or are there caveats?
I would strongly advise only deploying if you goal is to help osquery become more mature with arm64. At this point there is no testing happening for each pull request or merge, the testing only occurs manually. And there is no promise that packages will continue to be available for newer versions. Our intent is to make arm64 as stable as x86 but that is not the case today. But we do need help from early adopters who can deploy and provide feedback. But AFAIK on Linux it is feature completely with the exception of not having the
table since that ASM/concept does not exist on ARM.
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This is super helpful. Thanks. Are unit tests / integration tests / release validation run on ARM64?