Hey Fam. I'm either not a smart person (Like <@U09...
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Hey Fam. I'm either not a smart person (Like @theopolis ;)), or skipping steps, as here are the signed packages for osquery 4.4.0 on windows! Lemme know how they work or if there are any issues. Cheers. Additionally, I took this opportunity to whip up a Git Gist about how I build these packages in a signed fashion, feel free to take a peruse! https://gist.github.com/muffins/7925e8bf8aed3230e82eb0f67f379389
Heads up it looks like the
filename is incorrect. It should be
No, not for nupkg, they need to have the dot structure. If you change it chocolatey wont be able to find the file locally. I think I might've changed the filename in S3 when i uploaded, but when I upload to Chocolatey It needs the dots.
Ima check if this behavior has changed, but that logic in the nupkg file generation was intentional.
Yeah, still dumb :P
Honestly @theopolis, I only ever put those packages in S3 for shits. I don't actually think any one uses those, and I don't even know if anyone knows they're there. I think I made the decision to put them there for good measure or something?
They used to be used.
We deployed a whole bunch of 2.x releases back in the day when we didn’t know about how to run osquery properly
😮 Off of the S3 chocolatey packages?? Wow, TIL