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# core
@theopolis, @seph About the release packages for 4.3.0: I'm not sure I understood what procedure we want to follow. I have access to all the platforms to prepares some packages pre-tag to be tested, do you want me to?
At a high level, the process is: 1. Merge everything 2. Generate test packages, these don’t need to be signed. These will have a version like
. Their purpose is for people to test packaging, and any integration stuff. (sometimes we’ve skipped this) 3. Upload packages to #core, see if anyone notices anything wrong 4. Make release tag 5. Make release packages (this may be done by a handful of other people) The changelog should get merged before (4)
ok! It checks with my previous understanding then 🙂
It’s not ideal. but it’s what we have today
I also think we can mini-fy the time between these steps right now. We should prepare to download, install and test the packages. The goal is that there are no problems in the package metadata or content.