Huh. I thought <@U09M563C7> said I should build tw...
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Huh. I thought @theopolis said I should build twice and compare checksums
Well if it does it's "luck". Meaning, for instance any usage of
, Link-Time Optimization will not get you a deterministic build
There are ways to force known values or fixed seeds for lto (which though ok, for Linux/macOS case we are not using)
but we are not doing them
also compiling on a different different path can change the checksum
Agree that maintaining reproducibility is hard and needs a test in the CI. We had this with Jenkins -- but we do have a reproducible build, I at least test this on Linux manually when building packages.
I might be able to improve my testing -- it might not removal all artifacts
^ it only removes the source/build directories and starts again, mostly assuring there are not dirty changes. Never used it as a way to confirm my VMs were clean of malfeasance
Seems weird that my builds i.on different VMs did t march
different VMs how?
I started 2 VMs in gcloud. Then I ran the steps in parallel. Same OS image, but otherwise, different
I’m not sure this is really actionable?
yeah, unfortunately, not right now