Hi, I'm trying the new option kafkarest​_content​_...
# fleet
Hi, I'm trying the new option kafkarest​_content​_type​_value (from version 4.12.0) with the string 'application/vnd.kafka.json.v2+json'. I'm using the binary version 4.14.0. Command line :
fleet serve --mysql_address= --mysql_database=fleet --mysql_username=root --mysql_password=password --redis_address= --server_cert=/root/Fleet/cert.pem --server_key=/root/Fleet/privkey.pem --logging_json --server_address= --kafkarest_proxyhost=<> --kafkarest_result_topic=osquery --osquery_result_log_plugin=kafkarest --kafkarest​_content​_type​_value='application/vnd.kafka.json.v2+json'
Error message :
Failed to start: running root command: unknown flag: --kafkarest​_content​_type​_value
Any ideas, thanks.
hi there, I'm trying to see what might be off in your flags, and it's weird. If I copy and past your flag, it seems it has some weird char in it before the _
try this:
yes. confirmed. it was a strange character inside
. it was a copy/paste from the doc website or github ! thanks a lot. btw : i used the config.yaml file and it worked .
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