Trying new fleet and the “Fleet Desktop” aka “menu...
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Trying new fleet and the “Fleet Desktop” aka “menu bar app”.
I think the term “Transparency” is a good one but missing context in a menu.
Perhaps rename to “Privacy Info” or even just “For more info” and a link to fleet site. To let regular people / users that don’t what it is find out more about it
And not sure what “initializing” means but I usually get a host offline error after spinning up a new test and enrolling my Mac
“My device”
Thank you, this is really great feedback!
You're welcome @Mo Zhu … the main theme of my feedback is that “transparency” feels like a command in this menu. Does it make this app go transparent? Nope, it's a link to a really nice info page on what is collected ie privacy and security. So make it look like a link to a page