Hi all! We (Trail of Bits) have a client who would...
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Hi all! We (Trail of Bits) have a client who would like to query for file version information on Windows; I wanted to ask if you all would be open to a PR that adds a column with this to the
table (using
)? I'm a little new to this community, so I wanted to ask because it struck me that schema modifications might not be something done lightly 🙂
Hi Mark, I don't think anyone is against adding new columns. Changing existing column behavior is really a problem. I don't see why we should not have it. Just, please, make sure you have the tests as well. If sometime you decide to implement larger feature, you can also create Blueprint at our github issues section
Blueprints are recommended (you can read about it at https://github.com/facebook/osquery/blob/experimental/CONTRIBUTING.md#blueprints). But if the change is trivial no need.
ok thanks guys 🙂
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