```osqueryi --verbose --config_check --config_path...
# core
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osqueryi --verbose --config_check --config_path=/etc/osquery/osquery.conf
I1130 09:56:46.967648  8215 init.cpp:396] osquery initialized [version=3.2.6]
I1130 09:56:46.967746  8215 extensions.cpp:342] Could not autoload extensions: Failed reading: /etc/osquery/extensions.load
I1130 09:56:46.967831  8215 init.cpp:633] Cannot start extension manager: Extensions disabled
I1130 09:56:46.967851  8215 auto_constructed_tables.cpp:85] Removing stale ATC entries
I1130 09:56:47.022346  8215 smbios_tables.cpp:102] Reading SMBIOS from sysfs DMI node
There are some decent docs here: https://osquery.readthedocs.io/en/stable/
Thanks! Yeah, I have that up in a tab looking it over...