Ya know, as a user of an RMM myself, FleetDM + osq...
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Ya know, as a user of an RMM myself, FleetDM + osquery is like just 1 bee’s dick away from being an RMM. Wouldn’t it be awesome to stretch it into one, even if via additional extension/s? At your asking price of $1 per device you’ll get a boat load of customers + money if you compare to the current RMM market which is usually upwards of $2 per device.
What would you say are the features needed to replace the RMM solution you use?
@zwass well for me being able to integrate RMM agent into osquery (I would imagine by an extension) would be huge, I streamline to the single agent deployed and maintained. And then instead of having my RMM UI and my fleet UI, it would all be the fleet UI which would be awesome.
The most important functionality for RMM is being able to execute shell or powershell scripts. Then device updates, then monitoring like hdd free, cpu usage but I think these metrics osquery can already do so that part probably already built.