Hi, I'm using decorator queries in my osquery.conf...
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Hi, I'm using decorator queries in my osquery.conf to log some data. The fields are appearing in log as child of "decorations" key and not as top level fields. I tried to set "decorators_top_level" to true in my flagfile but it didn't work. I also tried to set the same through "options" in osquery.conf but it gave following error: W0710 063400.652961 5765 options.cpp:90] Cannot set unknown or invalid flag: decorators_top_level Can someone help in this regard ? How can I make these fields as top level fields. Thanks
Hi @Prakhar, the flag should be
as opposed to
. I see this is wrong on the documentation, I'll send a PR for that. Let me know if that works.
Thanks , I figured it out and was able to use correct flag to make it work.
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