ok couple more questions if you don’t mind, I may ...
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ok couple more questions if you don’t mind, I may be able to contribute something back soon… 1. How to change the port on the webserver? Now I have a token based letsencrypt working, I don’t need to keep port 80 or 443 free 2. Where are the config files? Documentation doesn’t say, so it looks like the answer is ‘wherever you want’ but then how do we make sure the server picks them up? 3. Why aren’t the standard query packs included? You’ve probably been over this a million times, but you either have to download and install another binary, then install the packs separately, or give people a better out of box experience - at the expense of a slightly bigger download. If nobody ever installs them I would understand the current situation Apart from these small items, this is going really well for me, thanks!
To specify config file obviously amend this to the path of your file`/usr/local/bin/fleet serve --config /home/myuser/fleet/config.yml`
I am running the binary wrapped in systemd though not the docker
Hey Adam, it looks like there’s ongoing discussion around question #1 and #2. #3: There are future plans to include some of the standard queries and policies, found on fleetdm.com/queries, by default in Fleet.