Hi, Whats the clean way to uninstall and reinstall...
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Hi, Whats the clean way to uninstall and reinstall fleet agent on windows? step 1. Go to programs and uninstall 'fleet osquery' . step 2. Install by double clicking on the msi installer -- is this correct way? the problem I am facing is in step 2, somehow it hangs for a minute and then gives "Fatal error" in installation without any further detail. For now I am shooting in the dark due to lack of descriptive error message. Any idea?
Can you open up "Services" and see if "Fleet osquery" is running in there?
It wasn't running. It's not in the listed services.
Weird thing is it's not happening to all the machines, only some of them.. and windows is so un-descriptive its difficult to say whats happening.. only hint is it takes about a minute before throwing the above error.
Which version of
did you use to build the package?
For sure it's <= 4.8.0 . I can get the exact version tomorrow but it will be <= 4.8.0
mostly 4.8.0
confirmed, its 4.8.0
It could be related to this issue: https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/issues/3563 You could try the following: 1. Uninstall Fleet. 2. Manually remove
C:\Program Files\Orbit
folder 3. Install Fleet.
I think I found the issue, the service not connecting in the default timeout that windows has which is 30 seconds. I increased it to 10 minutes in the registry and restarted the machine (just restarting without the editing the timeout didnt work even after deleting the Orbit folder manually). Now the Fleet Osquery service was running after the restart of the machine automatically. Weird that it takes more than 30 secs for the service to connect (if my conclusion is correct)
The timeout event
You could take a look at Orbit+osquery logs in
Ok, will check it out
Somehow there is no folder FleetDM as such in the Local directory