<@U5N98A8QJ> those errors are rare, but! You most ...
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@p2 those errors are rare, but! You most likely have something turning on events, if you're on Linux then a
with a
will enable the event publishers for the shell. A config could also turn them on,
will write the config JSON. Next, why are the events failing? Those are all
-based to some API that is privileged on the OS, so you could be running as a restricted user, or have cgroups limiting the binary's permissions?
Saw exactly the same error. Stuck for a couple of days and finally figured out what was wrong. The issue is I have
running on my centos7 server as well, which steals all the events need to be sent to osquery. After I disabled
, everything works properly. I know this is old, but still wanna leave a message here in case anybody else has the same issue.