I just noticed my previously created policies bein...
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I just noticed my previously created policies being inhertied as "All Teams" policies. Question is, how do I "move" them. e.g. Having a policy that checks for "Credential Guard" makes little sense for Linux servers or even Windows VMs (that lack the necesssary virutalization features)
Hello Tilman! Unfortunately there is not currently a way to transfer policies between teams, or transfer to and from "All Teams". Right now, you would have to delete those policies and re-create them within the correct teams.
We realize this is not an optimal solution and are working on improving the policies feature with each release. I have created a customer request ticket with this feature request: https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/issues/4426
That being said, if you are wiling to update your database directly, you can change each policy's
column from
to the id of the team you would like to own the policy.
Managed to get it working.
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