I'm trying to setup fleetdm login with SAML (SSO),...
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I'm trying to setup fleetdm login with SAML (SSO), SSO auth passed (as per saml trace) but fleetdm UI still not allowing me to get in. any thoughts ?
Can you open up your network inspector and look at the SAML response in the request to
? It should be a big base64 encoded string. You can paste that into a saml decoder and look at the
returned. Is that an email that matches an email for a user in Fleet with SSO enabled?
<NameID Format="urnoasisnamestcSAML1.1nameid-format:emailAddress">myname@xy.com</NameID>
yes it matches with my email
User account in Fleet has SSO enabled?
Anything in the Fleet server logs at the time that request completes?
Yes USer has enabled SSO
I enabled Debug log in fleet but not writing anyting
Do you get anything the fleet stderr when that response comes back? Should see a log similar to this: