Hello, sorry if this is noted somewhere, but is it...
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Hello, sorry if this is noted somewhere, but is it possible to see the current osquery version provided but the default Orbit update server (in the stable branch)? We are testing Fleet, and have Orbit running on clients using the default
fleetctl package
command to build installers. All of the clients are on osquery 5.0.1 which they started with. I would just like to monitor that they update when a new version is specified (my understanding is that this is the default with no special settings).
hi there! we don't currently have an easy way to expose the version of osquery that orbit will use. The best way currently is to look at https://tuf.fleetctl.com/targets.json and see what it shows for
, which is far from ideal, but we're discussing how to best expose this
That’s certainly good enough. That seems to be related to what I find at
, but I guess the online version is the one to look at to make sure everything is working. If things are working I should just expect clients to update to this version:
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"osqueryd/macos/stable/osqueryd": {
    "custom": {
        "version": "5.0.1"
    "hashes": {
        "sha512": "8eb9383798b3d343fe977b67fa92c283dfc2b8792ab043239a5b46651cb2ae7f7e9ab39c45402bedef3f1d923eb687e934740e213afb88f9854efed7f185c62d"
    "length": 40232384
In the case of