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🏗️ New commits pushed to Fleet: - zwass: Fix handling of enroll secret env vars in Orbit (#3458) - zwass: Don't strip debugging symbols from Orbit binary (#3477) - zwass: Prepare for Orbit 0.0.5 release (#3478) - lukeheath: Fix incorrect load state when selecting all hosts from the hosts filter (#3426) - lucasmrod: Fix TestPackage version (#3484) - chiiph: Use id instead of seen time/created_at to sort hosts (#3482) - chiiph: Update return values to be null if the data is not available (#3490) - zwass: Hide warnings for removed migrations (#3449) - lucasmrod: Global policies automation webhooks (#3378) - gillespi314: Add form validation to create/edit user modal (#3479) - gillespi314: Handle certificate errors in generate installer UI (#3435) - lucasmrod: Fix mdm direct query ingestion for non-mdm hosts (#3483) - zwass: Clean up E2E testing configurations (#3360) - mikermcneil: happy holidays! (#3500) - gillespi314: Fix bug in live query results UI (#3462) - sevickson: Dedup Get installed Windows software query (#3417) - gillespi314: Add mobile device management and device-user mapping information to host deta... - RachelElysia: UI Spiffier: Bottom 3px of nav items clickable (#3510) - RachelElysia: Global Policies Automation UI (#3498) - RachelElysia: Remove negations from frontend ternaries (#3509) - lukeheath: Refactor manage hosts search (#3475) - DominusKelvin: Feature/add dominuskelvin to receive from GitHub (#3467) - gillespi314: Fix pagination for homepage software UI (#3501) - gillespi314: Handle null case for mdm data in host details UI - mikermcneil: spelling (#3515) - lucasmrod: Allow hosts to check in even if Redis is down (#3506) - lucasmrod:
fleetctl package
command to check for PEM file (#3375) - zwass: Add Fleet server deployment in CI (#3530) - zwass: Try to fix triggers on staging action - zwass: Try to fix triggers on staging action - zwass: Fix staging action to deploy Fleet server on PR and merge (#3531) - gillespi314: Modify
to handle all 2xx codes as POST success (#3534) - noahtalerman: Add "Automations" documentation page (#3537) Read more: https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/commits/main