hey guys , i installed fleet on ubuntu and it all ...
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hey guys , i installed fleet on ubuntu and it all wen ok (version 3.5.1) i added a server with the same version and service , config files and everything. after i added the server behind a load balancer i found out he dosent get logs. when i try to connect to him with https://*ip* on web browser im connectiong to the same fleet api. im trying to do it because i want to be able to run a query on 8,000 hosts. if someone has done it before and can help me ill app that, thanks :).
So we had this issue with Nginx , the TLDR was fleet instances were sending to results to another server the request was not sent from the actual config we used was https://osquery.slack.com/archives/C01DXJL16D8/p1611621381014700?thread_ts=1611610699.012900&cid=C01DXJL16D8
hey, sorry to hear you're having issues. Any reason why you are in 3.5.1 instead of the latest version of fleet? could you share more details as to what load balancer you're using, how it's configured, how you've generated the TLS certificate, and whether fleet is terminating TLS or the LB is?