Chris Ramos

12/21/2021, 5:49 PM
I'm trying out Fleet for the first time and I've set up fleet preview but when I try to generate the installer packaged in my cmd window I'm get this result "C:\WINDOWS\system32>fleetctl package --type=msi --fleet-url=https://localhost:8412 --enroll-secret=JgHAnb5iMaSGf115aonuX8wmJPApHcBb Generating your osquery installer... 2021/12/21 12:46:06 root pinning is not supported in Spec 1.0.19 initialize updates: failed to get orbit: move download: rename C:\Users\cramos\AppData\Local\Temp\orbit-package3642114967\root\staging\orbit.exe C:\Users\cramos\AppData\Local\Temp\orbit-package3642114967\root\bin\orbit\windows\stable\orbit.exe: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

Lucas Rodriguez

12/21/2021, 5:52 PM
Hi Chris! can you tell us the `fleetctl`'s version? (via
fleetctl --version