Hey all, trying the webhook out, but seeing the fo...
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Hey all, trying the webhook out, but seeing the following error, don't understand what it is saying:
{"component":"crons","cron":"webhooks","details":"posting to <http://url>: Post \"<http://url>\": EOF","err":"triggering host status webhook","level":"error","ts":"2021-11-23T14:52:36.704843335Z"}
Hi SK!, it seems the configuration is using
as the
(see https://fleetdm.com/docs/using-fleet/configuration-files#webhooks). Let me know if it makes sense.
Yes but I just removed the actual url, the format I use at the moment is http://hostname:port
would indicate that there was an issue connecting to the endpoint, can you confirm that the host fleet is running on can reach to the configured
(Maybe via curl/wget)
I will give it a try, thanks. Will update this thread when I test it.
Fixed it, had to use another endpoint, where I was sending it did not accept the format.
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@SK what location were you trying to send the webhook to initially? That did not accept the format. I’m curious if it would be valuable for Fleet to improve the webhook so that the format is compatible with this location.
Hey @Noah Talerman I was trying to get it to be send to Zabbix. Following this method: https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/current/en/manual/config/items/itemtypes/trapper Zabbix needs a configurable key to accept the data. Probably giving more editing possibilities when enabling Webhooks can help.
Got it! Thanks for the link. Another potential solution: Fleet may want to have a Zabbix integration in the future. This way, the webhook request is always sent with the accepted Zabbix format.
That would be great, of at least the possibilty to change or configure some fields for the output.