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🏗️ New commits pushed to Fleet: - eashaw: fix code block and indentation (#2672) - eashaw: Fix broken markdown link in handbook (#2650) - lukeheath: Show team admins create policy buttons (#2732) - noahtalerman: Update permissions documentation (#2721) - lukeheath: Allow team admins to manage scheduled queries (#2738) - martavis: reset session for other user won't trigger logout (#2736) - eashaw: Update website footer layout (#2745) - chiiph: Make vulnerability processing less RAM hungry (#2739) - lucasmrod: Amend WriteTimeout for live queries GET sync API (#2752) - noahtalerman: Update policy passing icon filename and style on "Home" page (#2754) - noahtalerman: Prepare for Fleet 4.5.0 release (#2741) - noahtalerman: Add a new "API for contributors" documentation page (#2743) - mna: Implement async processing of hosts for label queries (#2288) - lucasmrod: Add MVP support for software inventory to osquery-perf for load testing (#2751) - lucasmrod: Fix races in go tests and run with -race on CI (#2712) - chiiph: Issue 2027 better error visibility (#2069) - RachelElysia: Add space after Resolve (#2763) - RachelElysia: Teams API: Free tier no longer calls team API throughout the app (#2766) - eashaw: add pricing question (#2759) - zwass: Fix autoformatting for fleetdm.com website source (#2775) - RachelElysia: Pass fail UI for Policies app wide (#2769) - lucasmrod: Add documentation for running live queries with GET request (#2755) - gillespi314: Fix memoization of data transform for query API results (#2790) - lucasmrod: GET packs to always return disabled field (#2799) - lucasmrod: Try
as sql builder on
(#2773) - rlynnj11: update product.md to include Quality objectives (#2784) - gillespi314: Enhance UI for query-platform compatibility checks in new/edit query form (#2... - zwass: Update Go versions to 1.17.2 (#2805) - eashaw: Add DRI section to the Fleet handbook (#2800) - eashaw: Update adding hosts documentation (#2810) - martavis: Client side search for tables no longer debounce (#2807) - mike-j-thomas: Update customer info on DRIs table (#2811) - noahtalerman: Add top level links to "Contributing" section and move up Load testing "Resul... Read more: https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/commits/main
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- chiiph: Make vulnerability processing less RAM hungry (#2739)
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