10/18/2021, 6:58 AM
I want to store the list of queries that have been enabled for a Fleet observer user to run in a yaml configuration file. I saw that this is controlled by the
variable internally. Is this variable controllable from a yaml document? If so, could you kindly give an example of how I can use it in a yaml file?
7:50 AM
I'm guessing the answer is no. If I'm not wrong, Fleet only parses the name, description, and query fields from the incoming query spec.
func queryFromSpec(spec *fleet.QuerySpec) *fleet.Query {
	return &fleet.Query{
		Name:        spec.Name,
		Description: spec.Description,
		Query:       spec.Query,
Tomas Touceda

Tomas Touceda

10/18/2021, 11:06 AM
hi! you are correct, thank you for filing that issue!