10/07/2021, 8:10 PM
Leaving this policy here if is adds any value. Detect macOS hosts with remote SSH enabled
select 1 from sharing_preferences where remote_login = 0;
8:38 PM
Clarification the policy here is pass when SSH is disabled , fail when SSH is enabled the 1/0 operations
Noah Talerman

Noah Talerman

10/08/2021, 2:36 PM
This is awesome. Thank you for sharing the policy. Are you ok with the Fleet team adding this policy to the standard query library on fleetdm.com/queries? With your permission, your GitHub username will be added as the “contributed by…”
2:36 PM
FYI Fleet’s standard query library is undergoing maintenance that will allow it to include policies. Your policy would be added after these changes are completed in the following weeks.


10/18/2021, 2:34 PM
Yes please add.
2:34 PM
No need for attribution