Really like the vuln management aspect now been pl...
# fleet
Really like the vuln management aspect now been playing about with it . currently messing about with JQ to pull out those hard to reach ones like homebrew and choco packages.
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fleetctl get software --json > vulns.json

jq '.spec[]|select((.vulnerabilities != null) and  (.source=="chocolatey_packages")) | .name , .vulnerabilities ' vulns.json  | sort | uniq
nice! if you have windows hosts, or if you feel like there are apps that should have some CVEs or CPEs generated but there are none, we would love to get a list of the apps that might have issues so that we can keep improving the system
Yeah our interest right now is seeing if we can detect Like for like nessus across all three OS’s
That and seeing what is best syntax for host check queries
Please let us know how it compares... This functionality is very early for us but we certainly hope to get our data accuracy comparable with the big players over time.
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