Before I open an issue, I noticed a strange item w...
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Before I open an issue, I noticed a strange item which happens in the Fleet UI where two devices have the same Hostname & UDID Use case we normally run multiple OSquery versions on the same host to validate a number of discovery queries. When using select targets in the UI and you attempt to add the same machine twice but different instance it will actually remove the previously selected host vs adding to it. Using labels such as all hosts or a label to capture the same machine is fine. I consider this to be a customer edge case and I wanted to get your opinion as it seems almost a waste of a GH issue.
This sounds like something we'd want to fix. Possible for you to make a video or screenshots so we can see exactly what you mean? And also is this with 4.3.0? Because we substantially changed the target selection for live queries at least in that version.
This is on latest yes
Will sort out a recording.
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Actually this is an older version but different issue in later.
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