Good afternoon, I just wanted to share my story a...
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Good afternoon, I just wanted to share my story and see if you all have have any input or advice for a young person thats interested in this field. I spent 13 years in the Marine Corps, 9 years as a Scout Sniper and 4 years as a recruiter. As I went to get out I wanted nothing to be a Pentester. I started diving more into Linux and Pentesting. My daughter who was in the first grade at the time, she asked for a laptop and wanted to start learning Computers and Linux. She would sit next to me for hours trying to figure out CLI. With my wife and her Grandparents telling her that "Woman don't like computers or work in IT" At the time my daughter struggled in Math, Reading, and English. School in general. But after wanting to learn about computers, pushed her to read more, do more math, and try to learn things. My wife and I see how much IT has helped her. Since then we have researched a Woman in IT every week, got her into Girls Who Code; learned Scratch, Python, and is in the process of Learning Go. Fast forward to the 4th grade, for the past year she wanted to learn programming to help Animal Science. You would think most kids, would either want to game or write programs for their own games. My daughter came to me 3 weeks ago asking about Osquery, FleetDM, and tables. We have officially rolled out FleetDM and Osquery. She will be giving her Second Talk for Girls who Code on Tables and SQL because of Osquery next month.
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Such a nice story! Thank you for sharing 🙂
❤️ hearing about this. And big kudos to you in supporting your daughter.
You prefaced this asking if we had any advice. To be honest, you two sound like you’re doing great. But is there something specific you’re curious about?
Sorry for the delayed response. I wouldn't say advice on anything particular, mainly she just likes to hear advice or ideas that don't come from her dad that she can research.