```go run ./cmd/package --type=pkg --enroll-secret...
# fleet
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go run ./cmd/package --type=pkg --enroll-secret=+6fOMFntLWUrMphCww64WTXP2P7LWlWo --fleet-url=<> --update-url=<> —update-roots='[{"keytype":"ed25519","scheme":"ed25519","keyid_hash_algorithms":["sha256","sha512"],"keyval":{"public":"e2c20fe1c4abe6dcbccf02ef60f5117feb6b64d2f051b4a26a15b1e73922d0cc"}}]' --insecure

Error: 2021-09-14T14:24:43+05:30 FTL package failed error="initialize updates: failed to init updater: init tuf client: tuf: failed to decode root.json: tuf: valid signatures did not meet threshold"
So i tried to run the above command while building orbit but TUF is giving me this output, what should I do? I am on an intel mac with macOS v11.5.2 and I have my certificates trusted by OS X but not the key for the https update server.
Can you point me to the instructions you are using to get to this point?
@Madhur Jodhwani as I said before the self-hosted updates are a premium feature and we will provide support only to our paid customers.
@Martavis Parker I am using https python server which uses my self signed and macOS trusted certificate instead of the default http and I am looking to create the package of orbit from the same with the https update server url.